Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We caught ourselves a 2nd otter!!!! I am limited out, each trapper is only allowed two a year. There are only 15 allowed in the entire area. I was #11 and #13!! My trappers ed instructor also maxed out this year he was #10 and #14.

Took my hides to another sale... this year total we have made $297.00. Much better than last year. Here is all the beaver I caught except for the one I have being mounted.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I just had a very good day trapping I caught two beaver in foot hold traps, which by the way is on accident. They should be caught in conabears. One weighed 48lbs. and the other 40lbs. I thought I was having a pretty good day right then until I went to the end of the trap line. I had a 110 set up for a muskrat and I was pretty sure I would have one in it. When I walked up on it I saw that I had a muskrat or at least I thought it was a muskrat until I bent down to pick it up and then I saw that it was a BEAUTIFUL MINK!!!!!!!!!! I have been trying to catch a mink all season and they keep making me look like a dern fool and now the first one I catch is on accident!

I have never been so excited on the trap line except for when I caught the otter.